The Blow

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The No. 1 acid Bessemer converter approaching the end of the heat.

By this time the thick plume of rusty brown smoke would have abated and the flame would be at maximum intensity. The oxygen in the air would have burnt out the carbon and silicon and raised the temperature of the metal to about 1600 deg C. If you were standing close by, the roar would be deafening and the whole vessel would be shaking. You would either be deeply impressed or terrified.

Chutes above the vessel guided ferro silicon (to raise the temperature) or scrap (to lower it) into the vessel. There are three slag bogies on the floor below. The lettering "Stewart Demag" is visible, cast into the waist band.

The mixer is just visible beyond the corrugated sheeting to the left of the vessel. This photograph was taken from the blower's box.

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