Cooling Banks

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Angle the fork in from the side, gently rotate upwards then be prepared to let it ride when inertia takes over.


Turning rails on the cooling banks.

To minimise cambering during cooling due to the asymmetrical cross-section, rails were turned manually. There was a distinct knack to this job, quite apart from the intense heat. Many a novice reported to the medical centre with a bruised or broken arm because they didn't get the flick quite right. Once the rail started to roll over there was no stopping it.

These days the same job is performed by a fork lift truck attachment but the distinctive "Clang" is just the same, and if the atmospheric conditions are right, can be heard throughout the town.

Gators over your trouser bottoms kept them safe, secure and  stopped sparks and flakes of hot metal going down into your boots.

Imagine what the skin on the palms of those hands was like!

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