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Birth of a Rail tour.
Locomotive Gallery
The Summer of '82
Ironworks slag
Steam & Steel 2001
The Bessemer Converter today

The Last Blow
The Lowca Light
Other Stuff
Moss Bay rails around the world
Company documents and publications
Sir Henry Bessemer
The Moss Bay works early history

Iron & Steel - a 1908 snapshot
Wagon labels for local rail traffic
Barrow Steel
Millom Hematite Iron company
The Sandridge Bridge Project
Mystery Bessemer oil painting.

New material is being added to these pages on a regular basis, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments, corrections or contributions which can make this a better place to visit.

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This site is my hobby. I have no connection with CorusRail. I recognised many years ago that I was privileged to have experienced a period of massive change in the local iron and steel industry as costly, labour intensive processes disappeared under the pressure of global competition.

What you see here is only a fraction of what will appear, as time permits. I have been contacted by former steelworkers and Workingtonians from Spain, Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK.

Just like Moss Bay rails over the past 128 years, people with West Cumberland connections have scattered to all corners of the globe.

I am keen to hear from former employees if they can contribute factual corrections, personal recollections,or simply want to say "Hello".

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