Ingot Teeming

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Corrugated iron sheets act as temporary covers.    The teemer wears dark green tinted goggles to reduce the glare from the molten steel.


Teeming rail steel ingots from the 25 ton ladle.

This is direct teeming in to the top of cast iron ingot moulds. Ingot weights and fill levels were varied to suit the product being rolled. There were 6 or 9 ingots per car. Teemer Bob Elliott being watched by Reuben Templeton. 

This is a bottom pouring ladle and Bob is holding the lever which raises or lowers the stopper - a lance which goes down through the molten steel and plugs the hole in the bottom of the ladle.  In coordination with the crane driver overhead, he fills the furthest ingots first and then the nearest.

The temperature and speed of teeming have to be carefully controlled since they have an influence on the condition of the ingot.

The bucket in the teeming platform contained aluminium strips which were thrown into the top of each ingot to oxidise the steel.

No. 2 converter in blast in the background. The electric loco is just visible beneath.

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