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 English Welsh Scottish Class 66 diesels near the Bessemer Way bridge. The waste ground beyond is the location of the former coke stockpile.

Plan of Works (big file) Plan of Works
Aerial view of works. Aerial view of works
Electric arc furnacc

Electric arc furnace

1962 Left to right : First Melter - E. High, Shift Manager Tom Baggley, Third Hand : R. Dixon, Second Hand : D. Grubb

Rail inspection and Drilling & Ending
Note how the ingots are slightly tapered to assist stripping. Steel was allowed to cool in ingot moulds until they were solidified enough on the outside. The stripper crane then removed the ingot moulds before the ingots were hauled outside by a locomotive and taken to the soaking pits.
These ail wagons are new to this service Rail manufacture continues to this day. This is a Southbound consignment of rails leaving Workington on 7 June 2003
The rail welding plant is situated on the site of the coke ovens and some of the former Solway Colliery buildings remain to the left of trackside. Rails today are manufactured by CorusRail in 120 feet lengths (seen here) but the welding plant can join up to 5 rails making 600 feet of continuous rail. There are two other welding plants within the UK.
Derwent crossings 1960s.jpg (82927 bytes)  Derwent Crossings in the 1960s. A northbound Class 5 4-6-0 passes Derwent Crossings box. This was one of three main junctions between the works internal rail system and the Cumbrian coast line.    Photo Ray Goad
Visitor Advice Card

Visitors to Workington Iron and Steel Company were given a buff coloured card measuring 87mm x 125mm on which were printed some important safety pointers and a selection of "Do"s and "Do Not"s. This is a HTML facsimile of the card.

Thanks to Sidney A Leleux for loan of the original

YE2429-1948.jpg (88666 bytes) Yorkshire Engine Company 2429/1948 Works number 17 at Workington Docks 11 August 1964.  Photo Roger Monk
YE 2587-1954.jpg (74002 bytes) Yorkshire Engine Company 2587/1954 Works number 19 at Workington Docks 11 August 1964.  Photo Roger Monk

Departure Lounge