The Birth of a Rail Tour

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Prince of Wales Dock.

The Prince of Wales Dock

Unloading Hematite Ore.s)

Unloading Hematite Ore

the ore yard contained many different grades of iron ore

The Ore Yard

Derwent Blast Furnaces bytes)

Derwent Blast Furnaces

05 Lancing the tap-hole.jpg (110063 bytes)

Lancing the Tap Hole

06 Casting pig iron.jpg (103108 bytes)

Casting the Pig Iron

07 Mixer.jpg (87980 bytes)

The Mixer

08 Bessemer blow.jpg (64994 bytes)

The blow begins

 Bessemer vessel.jpg (96646 bytes)

The blow


11 Teeming Slag.jpg (93823 bytes)

Teeming Slag

12 Teeming.jpg (100325 bytes)

Ingot teeming

13 Stripping.jpg (87967 bytes)


14 Soaking Pits.jpg (55488 bytes)

Soaking Pits

15 Cogging.jpg (82362 bytes)


16 Rolling.jpg (75706 bytes)


17 Hot Saw.jpg (78415 bytes)

Hot saw

18 Cooling Banks.jpg (93168 bytes)

Cooling banks

19 Loewy straightener.jpg (76715 bytes)

Loewy rail straightener

20  Drilling and ending.jpg (74444 bytes)

Drilling and Ending

21 Railbank.jpg (87590 bytes)

The Railbank

22 Despatch.jpg (85486 bytes)


 Departure Lounge