Millom & Hodbarrow Hematite

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The Millom Hematite Ore and Iron Company blast furnaces.
This image shows that the framework supporting the charging bucket has been significantly extended (compare with the other photographs).
It suggests that this is one of the last pictures of the furnaces to be taken before closure.

Millom Blast Furnace Plant
Showing blast furnace hi line and bunkers. The plant closed down in 1969.
Millom Blast Furnace Plant
Foundations are being paid for an unknown purpose in the foreground
Blast Furnace Top
This was a relatively modern furnace with a 20ft hearth and output of 7000 tons of pig iron per week
Blast Furnace Top
The large pipes collected dirty blast furnace gas which was cleaned via the dustcatcher bottom right. The inclined connecting pipe is called the downcomer.
Blast Furnace Top
This furnace was charged by a bucket hoist. A similar arrangement was in use on Workington's #4 furnace.
Blast Furnace Cast House
Ironworks Generator set.
Ore Yard
Twin strand Pig Casting Machine
Pig Caster
Molten pig iron was poured in to the moulds and by the time they had been transported to the top of themachine they had solidified and were discharged into a rail wagon or bunker.
Spray coolers
The hot pigs were collected by a home built bogie wagon with bullhead rail built sides which was pushed under the water sprays until the pigs were cold.
Andrew Barclay #1 2333 built in 1953
and supplied new to the Millom Company
Andrew Barclay #15 Prince John #1612 built in 1918
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns 17 or 16
(formerly 3 or 2)
Sentinel Vertical boilered steam locomotive #7
Hodbarrow Hematite Mines
"Snipey": a Nielson Crane Tank (4004 of 1890) was used to carry pit props.
Hodbarrow Hematite Mines
Hodbarrow Hematite Mines
Headgear of Moor Bank Mine
Hodbarrow Hematite Mines (Moor Bank) with Steel Green.
Hodbarrow Hematite Mines
Hodbarrow Hematite Mines
Hodbarrow Hematite Mines
Rising water level following closure.
Last shift leaving Moor Bank Mine

Images below kindly suppied by Peter W Robinson. All locomotive images are copyright Peter W Robinson.

Millom #3
Millom #15 (660507 beyond).
Millom #3 in shed.
Millom Sentinel on the scrap line.
"Snipey" at Hodbarrow
Millom #16
Millom #12 on scrap line
Millom #1
Millom #1
Ironworks from the South
Millom aerial view

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